Sunday, December 26, 2010

Meet Buck & Salesman Pete

I had originally planned to do my film in full 3D, which I look back now and realize that I was biting off way more than I could chew. It meant building 3 sets in 3d, and making a couple dead Vikings and litter them all over the sets and then use them to create the dog pile and more props. I started to consider just stripping it down to just Eira and on dead Viking, and her having a difficult time trying to get the spirit of of his dead body. One day I was bugging my classmate Vanessa and took a second to look through her video collection and there I found the trailer for Salesman Pete, and it blew my mind, and saved this version of my film. Now the only challenge is to find out how to get my 3d models to look like that and figure out how to render. All in due time. Here are the links to their amazing shorts.

Salesman Pete:

Meet Buck:

...thinking of getting a Vimeo account.

Screen Shots

While working on Eira I've been taking screen shots of my progress as well as screen shots of some of the bizarre things that have happened to me while battling AutoDesk Maya 2010 and 2011. So here they are for you enjoyment :D

*A weird thing that happened during my rigging. It would only show the face like this from this angle, and if i looked at it from her right side it turned black. I fixed the problem but actually liked how it looks from this side.*

UnPainted Joint Weigths

This was me trying to move her bangs. Weights need to be painted lol.

TLV Turn Eira

Meet Eira! She has been such a headache to get to this point and there is still more work to be done on her, but I have learned sooo much. She is currently rigged with only a few areas that need joint weight painting, and I want to go back and fix some of her face blend shapes before I start doing animation tests.

I also want to nail down how the guys at got their characters to have a very 2D look. I believe its mainly just having an incandescent map set up or just turning it up to a desired level, But I don't know too much about rendering and composting when working with 3D. I need a crash course in it.

Anyway more to come later, but in the meanwhile Have a Happy New Year!

TLV Turn Eleri

Meet Eleri, she is quite a bit behind Eira in terms of completion, but she will have some base colours on her soon, and before school starts up, on January 10th, I'll need to have her rigged and ready to animate. I'm not sure how I feel about how much forehead she has at the moment so I plan to play around with it once I get her coloured.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting caught up Part.3

This is the latest version of my film, its quite slapped together and the sound is a bit off, but I was in a rush, and after the break I'll fix it up and make it all nice like. I'm doing a hybrid version of 3D and 3D where my backgrounds and the dead bodies will be draw elements and my main characters will be animated in 3D. My characters are still a work in progress but they will be coming up soon.

Getting caught up Part.2

Version 3 of my leica. This one was done just before reading week back in October. Thought I was getting close to what I wanted my film to be, but there were more changes to come.

Getting caught up Part.1

So I haven't updated this production blog in awhile so I have a lot of stuff to post. So first up is the First version on my film, the very rough leica. It has changed a bit over the course of the semester. More to come soon.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Pitch

I figured that I should have my first post be my pitch package from the beginning of the school semester. In truth, I’ve had this idea since third year, but it was a much different film in terms of synopsis, but the premise has always stayed the same. The biggest initial changes were made to make it a one man project, and the more recent changes were to make the best film I could in the time I have. So here is how the year started :D